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VEECON - Lucas Oil Stadium - May 18th-20th 2023

What Is VeeCon?

VeeCon is a one-of-a-kind, multi-day super conference featuring talks and presentations from both established and up-and-coming leaders in the fields of web3, business, and popular culture. As the second annual event of its kind, VeeCon 2023 offers a unique opportunity for the VeeFriends and wider web3 community to connect, exchange ideas, and forge enduring connections, all within the context of an NFT-ticketed super-conference.

What Is VeeFriends?

VeeFriends is an innovative company specializing in transmedia entertainment and events. Created by Gary Vaynerchuk, the company features a collection of 283 unique characters that were imaginatively designed to embody qualities and traits that Gary hopes to encourage in others. Through the use of advanced Web3 technology, the VeeFriends characters were brought to life in a way that is both dynamic and engaging.

To take advantage of the many opportunities offered by blockchain technology, the VeeFriends intellectual property was minted on the Ethereum blockchain. This has opened up exciting new possibilities for utility, collectibility, and community building, making VeeFriends a truly innovative and forward-thinking enterprise.

The Fishing Connection!

The VeeFriends NFT collection, both series 1 and 2, include many super fun fish, sharks and sealife. So for example the tuna in the collection is Tolerant Tuna and the clownfish is Candid Clownfish. If you want to check them all out click either of the following links where these collections are for sale in the secondary market of OpenSea:

VeeFriends Series 1

VeeFriends Series 2

VeeCon header and Gary V. stage photo courtesy of

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