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The LURION iON21: Electric Fishing Revolution

Introducing the groundbreaking LURION iON21, the pioneer in high-powered electric bass boats, marking a new era in electric fishing technology revolution. Co-founder Colby Clayton proudly unveils this innovative vessel, offering not just innovation but an unparalleled fishing experience.

"The LURION iON21 redefines fishing," says Clayton. "It's not just about catching more fish; it's about enjoying the water. Our goal was to blend ease, excitement, and camaraderie. Unlike other boats, our design comfortably accommodates four passengers, enhancing the fun factor. We meticulously considered practicality, engine power, and cutting-edge technology. This is no ordinary fishing boat."

Electric Fishing Revolution - Boat

This remarkable boat boasts a 360-degree fishing range with controls at both ends, blending unique design with practicality. With a thrilling top speed of 100 MPH, powered by fully integrated 100kw batteries (performing akin to a 250HP outboard in tournament mode), the iON21 offers an exhilarating ride.

Electric Fishing Revolution - Boat Console

Moreover, it comes equipped with a suite of advanced fishing tech, linking six screens seamlessly and featuring premium materials, a four-seat cockpit, and four integrated bow screens—twice the seating capacity of rival boats.

Co-founder Cameron Clayton shares the inspiration behind this revolutionary design: "My son Colby, a high school student and passionate angler, struggled to fish competitively due to engine interference. This fueled his vision for a more angler-friendly boat."

Key Features:

  • 200-mile range per charge

  • 100 MPH in Wide Open Mode / 250 HP Electric Equivalent in Tournament Mode

  • Boat Length: 23'6''

  • Fishing Surface: 170 Sq. Ft.

  • Seating: 4 Persons

  • Storage Capacity: 100 Cu. Ft.

  • Accepting preorders at an estimated MSPR of $185,000, with a $500 refundable deposit via their website. Anticipated release: Summer 2024.

Electric Fishing Revolution - Sleek Boat Side profile

About LURION Boats:

Founded by Cameron Clayton and his son Colby, LURION Boats revolutionizes bass boats with its powerful electric technology, unlocking nature's full potential for anglers. The name "LURION" cleverly blends "Lure" and "Ion," symbolizing its advanced electric motor.

LURION Boats contact info is below if you're in the market for a high-powered electric bass boat

Cameron Clayton



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